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Drone services are becoming a staple in many industries. And we don't want you to get left behind. Find out how we can help you today.

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Views From Above

Drone photography serves a wide range of functions. At Crescent Flight Operations we find the most useful angles and heights to provide the best picture possible from the air. 

Starting at $199

Photography Portfolio

Drone Video

Operation Fly-De-Lis, the official 2017 drone reel of Crescent Flight Operations

Air Supremacy

 Drones video is a must have for video and film productions. Drone video can be used for stock footage, commercials, real estate, events, and weddings, among other opportunities.

Starting at $299

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Drone Panorama

Introducing The Aerosphere

The Aerial 360° Panorama is a new application that can benefit a wide a range of industries.  

Also known as The Aerosphere.  

The Aerosphere benefits your company in 3 ways:

●  Showing off an entire property. 

● Showing off a large area.

● Providing necessary and useful information. 


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Starting at $349

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Drone Mapping

Introducing our newest product, the 2D Map. What is the 2D Map? The 2D map is the perfect solution for mapping out large properties and projects. This benefits our clients in 3 three ways: 1. Marketing a large property 2. Showing updates of land and construction developments 3. Providing information for a large complex. Below are some examples and you can find out more on our blog. 

*Maps are not survey grade

Starting at $349

Other Services

We're More Than Just Drones

Capturing great content and data with a drone is just the beginning. Crescent Flight Operations provides the complete package with a strong repertoire of skills including

  • Digital Photography
  • Professional Videography
  • Video and Photo Editing
  • Youtube Channel Creation
  • Drone Consulting