Drone Video

 Drones video is a must have for video and film productions. Drone video can be used for stock footage, commercials, real estate, events, and weddings, among other opportunities. Check out our video catalog below.

Drone Video Services Starting at $300

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Drone Reel 2018-2019

Check out some of our best work in the past year!

Low Altitude Shots

Getting high shots with a drone has become pretty average. However, we can use the mobility of a drone to capture shots at lower altitudes to get awesome content for you and your audience. 

Operation Fly-De-Lis (2017 Drone reel)

The Official Demo Reel of Crescent Flight Operations

Real Estate Shot List

An example of how Crescent Flight Operations can enhance your real estate listings

Drone Action Video

An example of how Crescent Flight Operations can deliver high speed and high quality content

Event Example

The Mardi Gras Indians trace their roots and heritage back to when Native Americans helped shield runaway slaves. Finding it difficult to participate in early Mardi Gras Krewes, African Americans countered this by organizing Mardi Gras Indian tribes to celebrate the carnival season. Today the Mardi Gras Indians are widely accepted as to be among the most colorful and mysterious of New Orleans' many cultural phenomena.  

Boat Parade

Drone Footage of Krew of Bilge, a Mardi Gras boat themed parade that takes place in Slidell, Louisiana.